Malaca is a passito wine made from Falanghina grapes of Sannio DOP. It has a golden yellow color with an important straw-like residual that is never cloying. Its aromas evoke dried fruits and confectionery, along with sensations of ripe tropical fruits. For this wine, the grapes are dried before destemming, then gently pressed and fermented. Aged for 12 months in oak barrels and from six to eight months in the bottle. Malaca, care is in the scent.

Passito di Falanghina
Variety: 100% Falanghina
Production Area: Colline Guardiesi
Altitude: 400/450 meters above sea level
Soil Type: Clay-limestone, rich in skeleton
Vines per Hectare: 4000/5000 vines/ha
Year of Planting: 1998
Trellising and Pruning System: Guyot espalier
Yield per Hectare: 60 quintals/ha
Harvest Time: 2nd decade of October. Harvest and manual withering, in small crates of 8 kg, when the grapes reach the first aromatic maturation stage, slightly overripe.
Withering: on racks until the end of January.
Winemaking: the grapes, after careful selection, are destemmed and crushed in the absence of oxygen, followed by gentle pressing. Then begins a slow fermentation for about 2 months.
Ageing: 4/6 months in oak barrels on fine lees.
Characteristics: Organoleptic characteristics include a golden yellow color, intense and elegant aroma with scents of ripe fruit, apricot, jam, honey, and candied fruit. The taste is sweet, soft, with good structure and persistence, great gustatory thickness, and a very long finish with remarkable taste and olfactory response.

Indicazioni per lo smaltimento

Glass bottle – gl71 – glass collection
PVC capsule – c/pvc 90 – plastic collection
Cork – microgranulated cork – for 51 – organic collection
Cardboard – Paper – pap 20 – paper collection