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  L'ORTICE, Largely widespread in all of Sannio, equipped with a good resistance to the cold for which we find majorly in a mid-zone of the high hills, one characterizes it as a very big fruit of an elongated form. The plant is of medium vigor with a tall head of branches growing directly upwards. The olive, to produce excellent oil, is appreciated even as a table product. This variety is characterized for an abundant production, but alternating throughout the years. The return in oil is reasonable, around 16%. It is presented as an olive fruit generally green of medium to high intensity, with scents of grasses and of tomatoes; the pulp is of a milky white color. The plant of Ortice is very sensitive to the attack of flies and insects, to bruising and above all to the diseases of the olive’s skin.


  L'ORTOLANA, Together with the Racioppella, constituting the cultivating characteristic of the hilly zone, this olive dominates the Valley Telesina. Also note the name Meiella, for its characteristic scent of apples that is induced in the oil. Particularly widespread in the hillside zone of the Valley of Telesina, Racioppella is further appreciated for the good resistance of the atmospheric adversity, also for the excellent quality of the oil that is obtained. The latter is characterized of a fruity green olive of medium intensity with a clear scent of green apples. The strength of the plant is medium to high, with an expanded tall head of branches growing directly upwards, but with several smaller hanging fruit-bearing branches. The pulp of the olive seed is white and is detached easily enough from the core, for this reason it comes valued also like a table olive. The return of oil is reasonably equal to 13%. It is sensitive to the binding of insects, bruising and lower temperatures, while it is resistant to skin diseases.


  RACIOPPELLA. Widespread through the Benevento area, overall in the community of Guardia Sanframondi, where there is a variety which is majorly cultivated. It is a variety valued overall for the constant productivity, for the quality of the oil, not entirely for the return which is around 10-12%. The plant has a medium development with straight arrow-like leaves of dark green colors. The fruits are small and oval of varied dimensions and diverse grades of maturation, joined by the stems with varying colors ranging from light green to violet and with white pulp. It is called by different names varying between “Ansertarella” which arises due to the way the olives are distributed on the branches in series; “Rappocella”, because the olives are always grouped at the stem; “Spruarella” because during the harvest of the olives the movement of the hands is similar to that of milking a cow, or that performed by a milking machine. It is held as self incompatible but its constant and abundant production indicates its considerable self compatibility. In the years, for small favorable atmospheric conditions, the plants bring less fruits, they mature prematurely and fall. Such a phenomenon on the premises is indicated with the term “fava cotta” translating to “cooked bean”. It is resistant to the fly, to the skin disease, bruising, lower temperatures and droughts.


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