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Terre Stregate, a name that speaks history and tradition.

  The legend of the “witches” of Benevento is one of the principal reasons for the inspiration of the winery’s name.  The value of the land and the conservation of local cultural traditions were the principal objectives set by “Terre Stregate”,  a commitment that the winery presently brings forward and continues to do so also through numerous art, literature, and solidarity projects. 

  According to popular beliefs  Benevento was the gathering place of the Italian witches, however it is rather rich of implications and rests on the borderline of reality and imagination.  Several people have drawn inspiration or have made past references including writers, musicians and artists.  In fact, it has been said that during the roman times the cult of Iside, an Egyptian goddess of the moon, was widespread for a short period of time in Benevento; the Emperor Domiziano had a temple built in her honour.  Iside took part of a sort of Trimurti, a trinity of goddesses contributing to this magical story; Iside, Ecate, goddess of the underworld, and Diana, goddess of hunting.  Beyond their divinity they also had a rapport with magic.

  This story inspired the winery’s logo remaining with the concept of three contributing fundamental elements, to be more precise, a human eye placed between the sun and the moon.  The sun symbolizes the goddess Diana, which spreads her light and her heat on the green hills of the Sannio region.  The moon however refers to the cult of Iside, the Egyptian goddess and night companion of the sleeping vineyards.  Finally, the eye is portrayed by the figure Ecate, which calls constant attention to the territory and its testimony of professionalism of business and the know-how in taking care of the precious gifts that are given to us by our loving earth.


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