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  “Terre Stregate” has always been one of the more notable and renowned oil and wine-producing businesses present in the Beneventano region, today it has become a new business reality.  To emerge above what it was in the past it has taken on a new location at Contrada Santa Lucia in Guardia Sanframondi.  The new building takes your breath away with its immensity, its beauty covered in stone and held under a wooden roof, and its delicacy with gardens and mountainous landscape surrounding it. 

  As the client enters the winery they are respectively left satisfied by each meticulous detail that is seen throughout the building; a rustic yet elegantly refined interior with a wine cellar below ground level recalling the exterior stone work.  Apart from the showroom there is also a quaint hall assigned for thematic evenings to savor the traditional and typical recipes of the region accompanied by the winery’s personal wines, and finally below in the wine cellar a nook created with oak barrels to taste and to unveil the secrets of the aged red wine “Arcano”.

  The winery renews year after year its wines behind hundreds of years of experience and continues to do so thanks to the impulses of a new and attentive entrepreneurial team, always maintaining the respect towards the tradition of the history and the characteristic art of the Beneventano region.


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