Terre stregate, is a prestigious agricultural company that produces biological oils and excellent wines, it arises among the Guardia Sanframondi hills,    ancient village of the Sannio Beneventano full of history and traditions. In this magic place, still animated by the osco- sannite populations that lived here, the ancient art of viticulture and olive cultivation is passed on from generation to generation keeping immutated all its ritual fashion. Terre stregate is one of the winery companies in the Sannitic territory that can claim a thousand years old tradition: its 25 hectares of vines extend long the sweet slopes of the Matese overlooking the Telesina valleys and the Calore river. In this little piece of terrestrial paradise the nature’s kindness, characterised by a positive microclimate helps the growth of native grapes, like Falanghina, the Greco, the Fiano and the Aglianico, met man’s wisdom, knew how to keep intact the original variety of grapes and olives. The dedication and the cure of the entire family, witness and keeper of this invaluable heritage, made the rest: the work in Terre Stregate is a continuous perpetuation of thousand years old practices and secrets linked to the production pf excellent wine and oil, that have been jealously kept and handed down from generation to generation, arriving immutated at our days. This is why the Terre Stregate oils and wines are unique products, with incredible scents, authentic tastes, and this is why they are amazing. The winery, with over 3 thousand square meters totally immersed in the Sannitic hills and surrounded by vineyards and olive plantations, is always open for customers: here the hours pass away happily, trying typical dishes accompanied by a good glass of wine that is capable to give new emotions and new suggestions.

The history

The winery and the mill arise in the far 1898, founded by the grandfather Filippo Iacobucci. The agricultural company is handled and brought on till 60’s , when for a personal choice, Armando, Filippo’s son, tells his two male sons, Carlo e Filippo, that they should have inherit the familiar company, to abandon the winery and to continue only with the mill. That was how they did, to respect the last wills of the father. Forty years later one one of Carlo’s sons; Armando, more determined than the grandfather, decided to restart producing wine: in 2004, making his a motto in which he believes firmly and that has begun the company’s  rallying cry, “ A log, a bottle”, Armando renews the old grandfathers winery, calling it “Terre stregate”. The name remarks the great sense of affiliation with the territory: according to the legend, the witches, born in Benevento, loved to reunite around a boiling pot, under a walnut tree near Calore river, that passes through Benevento. Here their magic takes shape. In the same way, in the witched lands, occurs the birth of their wine. At the grandfather and at the great grandfather are dedicated two wines “Scrypta” and “ Manent” (from latin” what is written remains”) , because it’s thank to the past that we have present and future.

Our production

The Sannio Beneventano, on the slopes of the Matese is from always a cultivation territory of wine grapes and olives. The Falanghina of the Beneventano is without any doubt one of the best ambassadors of these lands. The production path of this winery home starts with the “Trama”, a valuable Falanghina IGP , continues with our “hero”, the “Genius Loci”, and interesting Fiano DOP, until we arrive to the famous “Svelato”, Falanghina of the Sannio DOP, which has distinguished itself because it won a lot of international prices.

At this point the story gets a different colour: two wines “Scrypta”, a bloody red Aglianico DOP, and “Manent”, a Aglianico Beneventano IGT, that confirm all the vigor inherent to the most ancient stocks, whose name is dedicated to the family ancestors. The story has its happy ending after that “Arcano” , an enchanted Aglianico Riserva DOP, with a phantasmagoric sequence of mysteries, secrets and suggestions, gives fund to all its magics and reports peace between men. Rises a new day with a Greco DOP called “Aurora”, that symbolises the continuation of life.